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Restaurante Azur

Contemporary mexican | Casual

There are foods that have the power to stay forever in our culinary memories: flavors, textures, and blends that are
they share with talks and laughter woven into the heat of the drinks. This is the new Azur proposal, a concept created by the Chef
Gerardo Rivera to immerse ourselves in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Basin and take a walk through emblematic dishes
from southern Europe: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Sicily, Malta and France, are some of the proud representatives at the Azur table.
Reflected in proposals full of color, around ingredients of the highest quality, which emerge as complex flavors and
perfected from avant-garde cuisine, honoring this great gastronomic tradition, which includes the most delicious fresh fish and seafood, artisan pastas and pizzas, some aromatic Middle Eastern spices and essential olive oil.
Ideal for lovers of good living, Azur is the magnificent culinary journey that promises to transport you to the heart of the Mediterranean, as well as to provide you with the perfect environment to create unforgettable moments and connect with this signature cuisine full of sea, color, touches of salt and magic. for the palate.

“Sabores desde el corazón”
A selection of award-winning Spanish cuisine by chef Íñigo Urrechu, brought to life by mexican chef Gerardo Rivera, ensuring a delightful culinary journey

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