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Skin care

Grape Hydra -Facial l 50 min

This unique facial based on contrate grapes properties enhances your skin and providing with deep hydration, elasticity and softness


Vitamin C facial l 50 min

Vitamin C is source of youth. Rich in antioxidants is capable to effectively neutralize the impact of negative free radicals and oxidant stressful that causes the wrinkles and aging signs. Feel the energizing and hydrating infusion that protects your skin, feel the citric aroma and reveal a splendid, elastic and luminous face.


Oxygen facial l 50 min

Revitalizing, purifying, and hydrating, this Oxygen facial with drainage facial will provide your skin with needed breath to recover its luminosity and freshness. Feel how your skin awakes full of energy. Enjoy this oxygenating explosion perfect for youth skin or renew your dull skin form environmental or stressful lifestyle.


Wellness facial l 80 min

This anti-aging facial helps you to reduce wrinkles and aging signs, and will provides you with nourishing and vitamins to obtain a healthy and rejuvenating skin.


For “him” facial l 50 min

Aimed at nourishing and moisturizing the skin, this facial provides vitality and luminosity to dull skin, prevents the negative signs of aging and helps to elasticity of the skin

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