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People in the hotel lobby lounge area at Live Aqua Resorts

Aqua Club Lounge

Book a suite and enjoy:

  • Access to the Aqua Club Lounge gives guests the opportunity to enjoy exclusive benefits, such as:
  • Pre-arrival Sensory Experience Assistance.
  • Access to the exclusive Aqua Club Lounge for private Check-in and Check-out.
  • A relaxed lounge with spaces for private enjoyment with premium beverages.
  • Exclusive à la carte breakfast near the sea.
  • Premium drinks and gourmet canapés throughout the day.
  • Personalized butler service throughout the day.
  • Exclusive beach area for Aqua Club guests.


One of the Aqua Club services that guests appreciate the most is the Butler Service. Having someone at your service throughout the day gives you the greatest luxury: time – time to relax, time to enjoy the moment, time to not think, time to do nothing. Luxury is leading a contemplative life. The dolce far niente, so longed for, is everyday here.

The trained butler at Live Aqua has an impeccable service vocation that, combined with tradition and attention to detail, manages to anticipate, understand, and satisfy each of the guest's needs, even before their arrival.
From the moment you arrive at the resort, the butler is already waiting for you with your favorite drink and a welcome ritual. They carry out your private check-in at the Aqua Club Lounge, and from that moment on, they accompany you every step of your stay, making you feel safe and making your life easier, giving you rest and giving you time.
The butler at the Aqua Club Level provides a service that goes beyond personalized; they become your personal assistant throughout the trip.
The butler service at Aqua Club is close, exclusive, and at the same time imperceptible. They are always there, even if the guest does not see them, and they know where the liminality of privacy lies.
They take care of unpacking and organizing your room, providing the perfect amenities that make your suite a room to your liking, explaining all the details of the resort, and also knowing your personal tastes and preferences.
Through them, guests can discover the best places and trendy spots in each destination: points of interest, spa reservations, restaurants, and golf reservations, all managed seamlessly.
They also anticipate and arrange all activities to be carried out at the resort: sports, gym, towels, Bali Beds by the pool, or relaxation at the spa.
The Butler at Live Aqua always anticipates the guest's desires, who does not need to worry about any procedures or trouble themselves with what they need.

The butler is there to give them freedom and time and make their experience at the Aqua Club even more memorable.