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The most sublime idea of lodging
luxury is only experienced at Live Aqua resorts

Enjoy New Emotions and warm moments

Pamper and delight your senses in charming spaces that give you a unique, chic, sensory experience. Absolutely fascinating. Live it in the most imposing urban destination or the most beautiful beach in Mexico. Interior luxury spaces perceptible from your arrival with incredible details, a hospitality without borders, sublime and unlimited service that will captivate you. The most exclusive amenities and brands are at your disposal to make your stay a perfect delight. It is Live Aqua, the most seductive desire.

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The delicious flavors are also part of a perfect stay. At Fiesta Americana, we are pleased with the delights of the gourmet cuisine that you can enjoy in specialties restaurants. In each of our beach and city resorts you will find the best gastronomy in Mexico.

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Our resorts will approach you with the historical and cultural wealth of Mexico's most spectacular destinations, to make your stay a unique and unforgettable experience.

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If your travel purpose is business, you will find the most modern and equipped facilities with the latest technology. As well as excellent locations to convention centers that will support you with your goals.

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Our hotels and resorts offer you various experiences for each family member or to enjoy together, from special events to recreational activities throughout the day, as well as outputs to the main attractions of our destinations.

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Enjoy all our proposals focused on your well-being, from our fully equipped gyms until our incredible spas that offer you various concepts focused on relaxation and beauty massages using regional ingredients.

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Each of our destinations offers a wide range of adventures that take advantage of the main attractions of Mexico: Diving, Cycling, Walks, Cultural Walks and Exploration of Milestostil Wealth

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Fall in love, connect and make magic with your partner in the most beautiful destinations. We are ready to design the most romantic experiences, from dinners in light of candles, massages and adventures as a couple.

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The best places to shop are near Fiesta Americana. Go shopping is part of the experience whether in luxury boutiques, shopping centers and local markets.

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Celebrate the most desired day at Fiesta Americana. Each of our destinations offers the perfect scenarios to enjoy a spectacular wedding, as well as the most beautiful salons and a specialized team that will make perfect that day.

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Say goodbye to the singleness in the beautiful facilities of our resorts. We have a specialized team that will organize a fun and unforgettable bachelorette party. Just as you want it.

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Being at Fiesta Americana is an experience that begins from your arrival. Our resorts will captivate you with a contemporary Mexican style, lovely architecture, wonderful destinations and a hospitality that becomes a memorable and unique stay.

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Vacation Club

Our holiday club offers you a long-term membership where you will have access to countless destinations. You will enjoy a memorable vacation whenever you want, thanks to the flexibility offered by our membership.

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All inclusive

We want you to live a complete experience from start to finish, with everything included for your fun and delight. Our All Inclusive concept pleases you with national and international food and drinks, and some recreational activities that you can enjoy at no additional cost.




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